Hi, I’m Anna Zaks, freelance writer.
Do you need content for your travel blog? 
I’m your writer.

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Do you need articles for your travel blog? Need content about travel rewards or credit cards?  

How Can I Help You?

Who I am

I am an experienced writer who, like her clients and readers, loves travel, travel rewards and personal finance. 
I offer engaging workshops on how to save money on travel, travel rewards and personal finance.  
I also offer one on one consulting to clients on the best ways to earn, accumulate and use their points and miles. I help people achieve their travel goals without spending a lot of money.  


What I do

I write for a few awesome clients about travel, travel rewards and credit cards. Hire me to write engaging content for your blog or website! 

I travel a lot myself and I love to plan trips for myself and others. Need help with travel planning, award bookings or personalized credit card recommendations? I can help you develop a strategy based on your travel goal. Contact me for a one on one consultation.

I have developed and presented workshops about travel rewards and how to save money on travel at local libraries and other venues.  If you are looking for an engaging program for your organization, contact me for a proposal. 

What People Are Saying

I've been to several workshops that Anna has lead and walked away with a wealth of knowledge regarding the world of travel rewards. Additionally, I've worked one-on-one with Anna regarding my specific travel strategy. Anna has assisted me on the credit cards to open based on my upcoming travel plans. I've been able to fly to Florida twice, Washington D.C., Virginia (for my little brother's destination wedding) and Utah (ski trip) all on travel miles. Furthermore, I was able to book my hotels in Utah and D.C. using travel miles. I'd highly recommend working with Anna because she is a.) fun to work with and b.) very knowledgeable regarding travel rewards.
Anna is exceptionally well-informed. Once we had a rough flight being detained for an extra eight hours in the airport. As soon as I told Anna about our misfortune, she said only one thing, “EU Regulation 261.” I didn’t even know what it meant but following Anna’s guidance, we got reimbursements from two airlines, and when one of them offered only half of a refund, it was Anna who inspired me to go all way and stand up for my rights. The results exceeded my even most optimistic expectations. Looking back, I realize that the only reason I could succeed in such a complicated case was Anna and her professional expertise.
Ellen V.
I have attended three travel rewards workshops by Anna. Every time I walk away with new content that I can use to strengthen my rewards strategy. I couldn’t do this without the helpful information that she provides!
Shari W
Anna truly knows her stuff. Any time you ask her a question about traveling, she’ll tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. I don’t know about you, my friends, but for me, it provides peace of mind and that is priceless.
Mike K.